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Compulsory Basic Training
Age: 16+

In order to undertake any motorcycle or scooter training course, you will need either your UK provisional driving licence or the full UK driving licence. A valid D9 form must accompany licences from within the EU. The application form for your first UK provisional driving licence is called a D1, which you can obtain from the post office or online. 

Compulsory basic training or CBT is your first step onto two wheels. CBT is not a test and there's no exam; it is a training course that you are required to complete to a satisfactory standard before being issued with a DL
196, known as a CBT certificate.

The emphasis of the CBT course is to promote rider and road safety and equip new riders with basic skills before they venture out onto the public roads so that every journey is safe and enjoyable.

The CBT course is normally completed in one day. However, not everyone completes the course in one day due to their own learning speed. Some people may need to attend the course more than once.

You must be at least
16 years of age hold a valid UK provisional driving licence or full driving licence. You must be able to read a car registration number plate at 20.5 metres with or without glasses to be eligible for a CBT course and must complete all elements of the course including a minimum of two hours on-road riding. You must reach a satisfactory standard before a DL196 CBT certificate can be issued.

Once you have completed the CBT course, you can ride up to a
125cc manual or automatic with L plates for two years. No passengers and no motorways.


NOTE: 16-year-olds are only allowed to ride a 50cc manual or automatic bike with L plates. No passengers and no motorways. Once you are 17 years old, you can then ride up to a 125cc for the remainder of the DL196 CBT certificate.

CBT: Our Programs
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