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By booking a course with us, we will assume that you have read, understood and agreed with our terms and conditions listed below unless you inform us in writing to the contrary. 


In order to participate on a course you MUST be able to understand and communicate with the instructors in English.


It is not unusual that a student has never ridden or sat on a bike before. If this is the case, then you MUST notify the office on 01708 44 97 97 when booking as we can advise you on the course you need to take for your individual needs.
To book on a CBT course, the student needs to, at a minimum, know how to ride a bicycle and have balance.


You MUST ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the commencement of a booked course. Late arrivals will be sent away, and your fee will be forfeited, which means no refunds.
CBT courses run from element A to E, and once they have started, we cannot backtrack. You MUST complete each element. If the class has already begun that means you have missed an element and, under DVSA guidelines, you cannot participate in the CBT course unless all elements have been completed.


You MUST bring your contact lenses or glasses, and they MUST be worn throughout the course. You will be required under DVSA guidelines to read a vehicle registration number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres. If you are unable to perform this test successfully, then the course will terminate at this point and you will lose your fee.


You MUST bring your driving licence photocard and your National Insurance number so we can process an online licence check to see if you have the correct category for the machine you are going to ride on that day.
If you have the old-style paper licence, you must bring your valid passport too as proof of your identity. No other form of licence is acceptable, such as a photocopy or a photo on your mobile device. It MUST be the original driving licence.

If attending a FULL LICENCE COURSE, at the beginning of each day of the course/test, you MUST present to your instructor/examiner the ORIGINAL following documents: a valid driving licence photocard or old-style paper licence with a valid passport; a valid CBT certificate; a valid theory test pass certificate; a valid MOD 1 pass certificate (if applicable).
If you arrive without any of the items listed above, you cannot go onto the public roads or attend the test and will forfeit your fee, which means no refunds.


In the event of a mechanical breakdown, CARDROME Bike Training reserves the right to move your course to a date and time convenient for both of us. You will not have to pay for any additional training or test, and it will be at CARDROME Bike Training expense.

CARDROME Bike Training will not be held responsible for any loss of earnings that you incur.


Students ARE insured with third party only insurance on all our bikes, as a legal minimum stated by the road traffic law requirements.
Students are NOT insured for personal injury and are liable for any damage they cause to the bike while in their custody. The insurance excess applies to all our bikes.
You can upgrade your insurance on the day by paying a waiver which MUST be paid prior to getting on the bike; full licence course waivers will be for the duration of the course, which means if you drop or damage the bike you pay nothing.


In the event of a student being booked onto a full licence course and causing permanent, potentially severe or dangerous riding faults, under Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) guidelines, the instructor reserves the right to downgrade you to a smaller engine for completion of the test. The downgrade will affect the type of licence you will receive on passing the test, and there will be no refund in this instance.
For example, a DAS course student riding a
650cc motorcycle is downgraded to a 500cc, will only receive an A2 licence. Or an A2 licence on a 500cc is downgraded to a 125cc and the student will complete the test on a 125cc bike. In extreme circumstances, a DAS student could downgrade from a 650cc to a 125cc motorcycle, and again there would be no refund.


You MUST give ten clear working days' notice if you want to cancel/reschedule any booked course. The 25% administration fee applies to cancelling/rescheduling the course date. You MUST NOT include weekends when calculating ten days.

Cancelling any course MUST only be done over the phone on 01708 44 97 97 to a member of staff during our standard office working hours (9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday), text messages or emails will not be accepted.

Any short notice CBTs or short notice tests and full licence courses booked less than three days before the commencement of the course will not be refunded, and you will lose your fee if you intend to cancel/reschedule the course/test date.


We do provide PPE (helmet, gloves and jacket). However, you MUST attend all of our training courses wearing jeans (not torn) and sensible footwear such as sturdy boots (ankle boots). Trainers, flip flops or sandals are NOT acceptable, nor are shorts, T-shirts, miniskirts, vest tops or tracksuits. If you attend any of our courses without appropriate attire, you will be sent home, and you will lose your fee.
It is now a legal requirement for all students who are taking full motorcycle tests to be correctly dressed for a test. At a minimum, this is a sturdy pair of leather ankle boots, a heavy jacket and jeans. Canvas boots, trainers or torn jeans are NOT acceptable. Please contact us on 01708 44 97 97 for more information.


Although we do go through the Highway Code with you on our courses, it is elementary. It is your legal responsibility to make sure you are fully conversant with the Highway Code. In fact, when you applied for your driving licence you actually signed to say that you have read and understood the Highway Code, which means that you are held accountable for your actions should you violate any of the Highway Code rules and road traffic laws. It would be a real shame if you got through all the practical training on your CBT course but neglected to read and understand the Highway Code and you were not successful on the road ride due to your lack of knowledge and understanding of HC.
The Highway Code costs around £
5 for the official DVSA book, but it could cost you a lot more if you do not know it. If you are unsuccessful on a CBT road ride, you will have to pay for the CBT course again.


It’s agreed that on booking a CBT (compulsory basic training course), you are paying to attend the course on that day.

You are not paying for a day of training. If a student attends the CBT session without a physical valid driving licence, or correct category on the licence, or CAN NOT read a vehicle registration number at a distance of 20.5 metres (67 feet) with or without contact lenses or glasses, at this point, the course MUST terminate.

The student must complete each element within the CBT course to a satisfactory standard.

If NOT, the course MUST terminate under the DVSA guidelines. An example of this would be:

  • Dropping the bike.

  • Crashing the bike.

  • Bumping into the kerb.

  • Not being in control of the bike when in motion.

  • Not being able to stop the bike correctly under control or falling off the bike.

These are DANGEROUS faults, and your course CAN terminate within 10 minutes from the start of the course, and your fee will be forfeited, which means no refund. If you cause damage to our bike whilst in your control or custody, you will be liable for any damage caused. 


It’s agreed that if you are on any of the above courses (ASSESSMENTS, ITM, BOOSTER, GEAR CONVERSION) and can NOT complete any to a satisfactory, safe standard, you are potentially dangerous, which will result in training to seize immediately. The course will terminate at that point, and the fee will be forfeited, which means no refund.

It’s agreed that students ONLY HAVE third-party insurance on all our bikes, as a legal minimum stated by the road traffic law requirements.

Students are NOT insured for personal injury and are liable for any damage they cause to the bike or our equipment loaned to them while in their custody. The insurance excess of £500 applies to all our bikes.


It’s agreed that you can upgrade your insurance on the day by paying a damage waiver. You MUST pay the waiver before the start of the course/getting on the bike. Please notify a staff member if you want to purchase the damage waiver.


It’s agreed that should you damage our machine beyond repair during a training course or cause damage to property belonging to a third party, you will not be given another bike for that day, and your course will terminate at that point. Your fee will be forfeited, which means no refund in this instance, and you will be accountable and responsible for the repair and depreciation costs.


It’s agreed that on booking and attending a course, entering our premises and throughout the training course, you will be on CCTV (closed circuit television) and BWV (body worn video) cameras for the protection and safety of our students and staff. We are a GDPR compliant registered business.


It’s agreed that anyone who starts racing or riding on any of our machines, or their own, in a spirit of competition/doing different to given instructions, will have their training terminated at that point and forfeited fee, which means no refund.


It’s agreed that anyone who threatens or uses abusive behavior:

  • towards our staff or other people,

  • at our premises or on our site,

  • on the public road,

  • at driving test centres,

  •  towards DVSA driving examiners,

will have their training terminated at that point and banned from entering our premises and our site. The fee will be forfeited, which means no refund. 

It’s agreed that you MUST leave our premises and site immediately when asked to do so by an Instructor or member of our staff. 


If it is suspected that a student is under the influence of drink or drugs, the instructor reserves the right to remove the student from the course. This could be because you may have gone out for a drink the night before, it is called 'the morning after drink-drive' and you may feel OK but could still be over the legal drink-drive limit. This in itself is a criminal offence. In these circumstances, you will lose your fee and no refund.


If you are on medication or have any condition that you think we should know about prior to getting on a bike - this could be something like insulin-dependent diabetes where you may require insulin - you MUST call our office on 01708 44 97 97 before booking any course.

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